Milky White ( 30g; 50g )


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The medium density camouflage builder gel is the second phase in a three-phase system (it is necessary to apply a thin layer of base / base layer before applying the gel).

With the help of I.Z.M body gel, you can give the nail the desired shape and aesthetic appearance and hide imperfections and irregularities, and the self-leveling material greatly facilitates the work of the master. It is suitable for pouring as well as for strengthening natural nails. Perfect for the increasingly popular technique WITHOUT FILES. Extremely solid and durable. 💅🏻⏳

The gel is intended for building nails. In the case of French - use the cartoon French technique. It is not intended for coloring nails in thin layers with this gel. Combines with gel polishes.

It is recommended to mix before use. Suitable for beginners and experienced masters.

Gel polymerization 30-60 sec in UV / LED lamps, 2 minutes in UV lamp.

It does not cause allergies, skin or cuticle irritation, it is economical to consume.

Volume: 30g and 50g.

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