Basic education

Basic education by I.Z.M.

Why? In the world of manicure, everyday work techniques have changed, our basic education has been prepared so that it forms the best basis for further training when it comes to combined manicure, hardware manicure, coloring under the cuticle, applying gel without filing, etc.

How many? Due to the quality of the training, they are limited to a maximum of two participants per training.

Who is the education for? The education is intended for beginners, but also for people who are already working but feel insecure at work.

In the course we learn: ⠀⠀
- Disinfection and sterilization
- Anatomy and physiology of the nail plate
- Nail diseases and how to recognize them ⠀⠀
- Rules and principles of working with the device ⠀⠀
- Removal of material with carbide extensions:
Scheme. Types of extension. Shortening the length with the extension ⠀⠀
- File filing and nail preparation
- Technique of working with a manicure cutter.
- The technique of cutting the cuticle with scissors.
- Skin polishing
- Preparation of the nail plate before covering ⠀⠀
- Method of leveling the nail plate with the base
- Glare (reflection) as an indicator of form
- Cover the gel with varnish as close as possible to the cuticle. Paint application technique
- Rapid reconstruction of nails with polygel ⠀⠀
- Nail photography technique and correct selection of light and lamp, correct position of the client's hands, alternative places for nail photography.
- Customer relations
- How to attract and attract clients

Scheduling, on our profile we will set appointments for trainings 2 on 1, for individual trainings and appointment appointments you can write to our education Kati.

Price of education: 1 on 1-180e, the price of education includes a package of I.Z.M products in the value of 75e. 2 on 1 - 160e per person, the price of education includes a package of IZM products worth 75 € (1 attachment for removing material, 2 extensions for cuticle processing, IZM Extra Base + Top No Wipe, 2 IZM gel polish or Builder gel depending on training)

It is also possible to schedule an individual education for any technique with our educators, for more information you can write to us or educators directly.