1. Why does my gel polish come off the edge of my nail? Separation of the material from the edge of the nail can depend on several factors: - From the preparation of the nail plate - From the shape of the nail - From the material used - From the quality of the nail plate

2. Why does the color pull off the edge of my base? It is sometimes necessary to mix the paint well before use, e.g. if they have stood for a long time, some brands have colors that always pull from the edges, it is possible that the lamp is weaker and leaves a stronger adhesive layer on the base, you can always add to dry the base for 20-30s. Sometimes it happens that clients grease the nail plate and paint is applied in those places.

3. How much to dry products? Rubber base: 60sec LED lamp, UV lamp minimum 2 mi. Haruyama LED lamp 48-54W from 30s-60s

4. Which extensions are best for a manicure? There is no best wrap for what you need, for cleaning the cuticle we suggest a flame, drop or cone, through the work you will need all the diameters (sizes) to start you can try with a medium size.

5. Which set should I take? Depending on whether the ball or the cylinder suits you better, you can choose set No. 1 or No. 2, the cylinder is generally easy to use, ie the control itself. The attachments for the manicure are fine granulations, ie with red hoops, coarser granulations are not recommended. Of the coarser granulations we have a medium ball and you have to be extremely careful when handling in the beginning.

6. What extensions do you recommend for gel, acrylic, poly gel? For the gel, we definitely recommend extension A (2700din) extension from Russia, top quality, perfectly removes gel and acrylic. Durability if used regularly several times a year. The extension F is also good compared to A it is for a tint of finer granulation and creates a feeling as if it is sliding through the material while working with it.

7. Which attachments do you miss for gel polish? R and R-1 are fine granulations, the technique of gel varnish and reinforced rubber base can be removed, Z and Z-1 are a shade coarser and can be used for processing the body layer as well as for removing gel varnish and rubber bases.

8. What should I use when working to degrease poly gel? You can work with a gel cleaner or alcohol or a mixture of alcohol and acetone 70% alcohol (from 96%) mixed with 30% acetone.

9. Can nails with Extra base be poured? They can be shorter in length, but the bases are not pinched and for these purposes it is easiest to make the casting with a polygel and then work as a body with a base.

10. What is the difference between a plain matte and a matte with velvet (velvet layer) Velvet top matt with a nice velvet plush effect.

11. How to work with camouflage paints? With camouflage paints it is done to have coverage from the beginning to the end of the nail it is done as with the base. So you get the best coverage and the same shade if you apply one coat

12. How are the bases removed? If a normal layer of base is applied, it can be dissolved, if a nail is built with it, it is removed with a file, ie an electric grinder, because it is extremely strong, it is valid for all bases. Our recommendation is to remove with a cutter, dissolving fluids destroy the nail plate, cuticles and are carcinogenic 😊

13. How to work with the base? The principle of building and strengthening the natural nail base is accidental as a gel, except that there is no filing of the body layer at the base. Suitable for strengthening short, medium and medium long nails. It is done nail by nail. On the correction, you remove all the material only when you have separations, ie. Air Does not degrease or file. It can be combined with all gel polishes as far as color gels are concerned, we tried a couple of types with yours, you have to test whether it can be combined

Preparation of nails Buffer files and dehydrator or instead of dehydrator wipe with CND scrub or prep and wipe from Magnetica. You can use any dehydrator. It can be used as a base before body gel, it can be used as a base for gel polish and it can be used to build a nail. The base is self-leveling, when it is strengthened, it is done nail by nail and there is no processing of the body layer.

14. Where do I enter the discount voucher? Enter the discount voucher in the first step after you have clicked on the Complete purchase field at the checkout, then enter the valid voucher and click on the Apply field, after which the voucher will be included in the price.

15. Do you issue cash invoices? Yes, the easiest way to request a cash invoice or payment invoice in advance is to leave the company data (PIB, company name and address) in the "Special instructions for the seller" field in the Cash Register and write what you want Cash invoice with package or payment by invoice.