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I.Z.M Fiber gel is a single-phase nail polish gel of a new generation. The main feature compared to other gels is the addition of fiberglass. I.Z.M Fiber gel has the durability of reinforced concrete on the nails and is simply necessary for repairing cracks on the nail plate. Even the thinnest layer of gel (up to 1 mm) allows complex, extreme forms to be performed. I.Z.M Fiber gel is ideal for problematic nails (wet, dry, soft).

The gel is very easy to apply and will not create problems even for beginners. It is easily shaped and leveled, it does not spill, it allows the master to work several nails at once due to its viscosity. After polymerization, the fibers become transparent.

What is I.Z.M Fiber Gel suitable for?

Nail rash (including extreme lengths);
Strengthening natural nails;
As a coating for gel varnish or color gel;
Nail plate repair / correction;


Prepare the nail as usual.
Apply the finest layer of I.Z.M Fiber gel and dry in an LED lamp for 1 min. or UV 2min. If necessary, apply another coat.
Remove the adhesive layer.
Packing: 30g.

Info: It is recommended to apply a thin layer of base to improve its sticky properties.

Especially for people who suffer from allergies and people with sensitive skin, all I.Z.M products are hypoallergenic, but that does not mean that these products cannot cause allergic reactions. Due to the individual characteristics of each person, allergy to products is not excluded, but it is much rarer than ordinary ones.

Precautions: Avoid direct exposure to UV rays. Keep out of reach of fire in a dark and dry place out of reach of children.

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