I.Z.M Shimmer flakes


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I.Z.M Top without adhesive layer with sequins. Flexible finishing gloss, provides perfect nail shine until correction! ⠀
Prevents scratches, cracks and peeling. ⠀
Characteristics of I.Z.M Cannon without adhesive layer: ⠀
• Super shine for up to 5 weeks. ⠀
• Prevents cracking. ⠀
• Does not fade or turn yellow. ⠀
• Protects paint from scratches, cracks. ⠀
• Medium consistency. ⠀
• No adhesive layer. ⠀
• In addition to gel polish, it can also be used for other materials, such as gel, acrylic, poly gel

Drying time in UV lamp is 2min, in LED lamp - 30s - 1 min. ⠀

Packaging 15ml.

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