I.Z.M Matte Velvet


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Velvet top matt with a nice velvet plush effect
Matt top "velvet" - is the last phase in the technique of applying gel polish. Due to the special thick and elastic consistency. I.Z.M Velvet matt is applied in 1 layer and enables leveling of the nail plate. Top "velvet" layer - incredibly pleasant to the touch, slightly springy and "plush" look, soft feeling when touched with a finger. After application there is no sticky layer. It can be used to completely cover the nail plate or as a design element
The optimal consistency of the material does not spread, the brush does not leave marks on the surface. Prevents cracking and cracking on the surface of the nail plate
Suitable for gel polish, gel paint, acrylic, gel, biogel! ⠀

Characteristics: ⠀
• No dispersion layer
• Does not leave uncovered dots
• Does not distort the color
• Quick application and self-leveling
• Does not leave a sticky layer. ⠀
• Velvet top has a unique velvety texture.


Packaging 15ml.

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