Jelly Gel - Pink


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Pink builder jelly gel - they want a very light consistency. The second phase of a three-phase system.

I.Z.M Jelly gel is intended for nail plate modeling, strengthening and pouring.

The material does not spill, it is soft when working, it is easy to spread and level with a brush, it is suitable for pouring, modeling and strengthening natural nails. It holds the height well, which allows you to distribute the material in one step on several fingers at once. Varnish for closing the free ends of the nail, protects the nail from delamination and mechanical stress.


Modeling material.

Pouring, modeling, strengthening natural nails.

System: three-phase. Phase: second. (pre-gel applied base layer - rubber base)

Viscosity: medium.

Polymerization time: 120-180 seconds, depending on the lamp.

It doesn't burn.

Consumption: minimal.

Can be combined with gel varnishes and gels.

It is removed with gel removal tips.

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