Eyelashes twezers


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Professional tweezers for lashes.
When a quality tool comes into the hands of a masters for eyelash, the work brings only joy and satisfaction from the contemplation of the beauty it has created.

• Eyelashes Tweezers TE-41/6 series Expert will become the best partner for masters in modeling the charming look. This tweezers model has a L shape shape, also known among masters as "slippers". This form of work edges and their tight closure across the entire area allows you to securely capture even the tiniest lashes used by Hollywood editors. The Expert 41 Typ 6 has a pretty wide desktop with a sharpened hand. Optimal for different eyelash modeling techniques. It has a smooth and soft stroke, which reduces tiredness in the hands and contributes to precise movements during prolonged work. The tweezers feature high corrosion resistance; the shape of the work edges curved at an angle of 75 degrees.

• Eyelashes tweezers TE-40/4 Expert series will be an excellent solution for masters in the expansion of eyelashes in the formation of 2D / 3D. Especially suitable for this tweezers will be when creating lightweight classics. This model has a narrower working edge and a second angle of inclination, which is 60 degrees. The pretty wide handrails of the Expert 40 type 4 fit perfectly in the palm of the master and provide reliable adhesion to the tools. Evenly closing the tweezers around the entire surface and professional manual focusing ensures reliable adhesion of the plastic material. Characteristics of the Tweezer Expert 40: the shape of the working edges curved at an angle of 60 degrees, suitable for 2D / 3D extensions.
•• Common characteristics: high corrosion resistance, comfortable ergonomic handle shape; tight closing of work edges; mat handle handle prevents slipping in the hand; the polished workpiece interferes with adhesive bonding.

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